ISO 45000: 2016

​ISO 45000 has been developed as a standard to help companies to improve employee safety, reduce workplace risks and create a better and safer working condition.

What is ISO 45000: 2016 ?

ISO 45000 is a framework for an occupational health and safety management system. It can help you put in place the policies, procedures and controls needed for your organization to achieve the best possible working conditions, aligned to internationally recognized best practice.

An organization’s OH&S management system can translate its intentions to prevent incidents into a systematic and ongoing set of processes (supported by the use of appropriate methods and tools) and can reinforce the organization’s commitment to proactively improving its OH&S performance. OHSAS 18001 Management System takes into account the organisational structure, planning activities, responsibilities, practices, processes and resources for developing, implementing, achieving, reviewing and maintaining the organisation’s OH&S policy.

Our Certifications

We help companies and organizations that are seeking to achieve certification standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14000 and more through our comprehensive implementation model that includes tools and onsite training.